• Strength & Conditioning Coach

BASc, Exercise and Sport Science

ASCA Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach Accreditation

Basketball Australia Level 2 Associate Coach

Cert III & IV Fitness

Background & Experience

With my background in Exercise & Sports Science and experience playing representative basketball for more than 15 years, I’ve developed the necessary skills to help competitive and motivated basketball players improve their athleticism, so that they can maximise their on-court performance and give them the best chance to achieve their sports goals. Unlike many coaches and trainers who focus on short-term gains, I help basketball players understand basic strength & conditioning principles to promote a sustainable approach to their athletic development.

I have always been an athlete first – which has provided me with the invaluable experience of pushing myself to my limits before I have pushed others to theirs.

My Philosophy and Approach

Ultimately, I believe we can go further in the pursuit of our athletic potential when we are firstly, well informed, but most importantly when we have the right intentions. I believe our motivation to train hard shouldn’t just be about “making it”, it must go deeper in order for it to have any meaningful long-term benefits. It must be about committing to something beyond ourselves and developing the character to remain constant in the midst of trials especially present on the journey of an athlete.

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