The Rookie Program is a youth athletic development program designed for dedicated basketball players 10-15 years old with minimal experience performing strength training. This program will help youth basketball players improve their overall movement quality, general strength and confidence to begin strength training in the future with a sound foundation.

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  • • Are you a young basketball player wanting to start working on your athleticism but are not sure where to start?


  • • Are you looking for a strength program that is appropriate for youth athletes and does not require special equipment?


It is tempting for young hoopers to rush their athletic development and chase max strength and power gains because they want to increase their vertical jump and take their game to the next level. This often means performing advanced training methods in the gym too soon, too quickly and skipping over the fundamentals which can lead to injuries and ultimately stunt their athletic development in the long run


The Rookie Program is a strength training program specifically designed for dedicated youth basketball players who:

  • • 10-15 years old
  • • Have minimal to no strength/resistance training experience (0-2 years training experience)
  • • Do not have consistent access to weight room facilities and resistance training equipment
  • • Looking for a simple program that can be completed at home with minimal equipment
  • • Want to improve their overall athleticism that promotes long-term athletic development


In the Rookie Program you will:

  • • Improve overall movement quality and body control 
  • • Learn and master fundamental movement patterns that form the foundation for more advanced strength training
  • • Improve general whole body strength to prepare for the increasing physical demands of each age group and level
  • • Build physical capacity in an age-appropriate manner to handle higher training loads in the near future
  • • Improve bounce and spring in hopping and jumping movements (extensive plyometrics)
  • • Work on landing mechanics to reduce risk of common injuries (e.g. ankle sprains, knee pain)


*Disclaimer: This workout is not suitable for individuals with existing serious injuries. Consult your doctor/health professional prior to participating in this program.


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How is the program organised?
The Rookie program is an 8-week program split into two 4-week phases: (1) Foundations and (2) General Strength. Each phase has 3 programmed sessions per week.
What equipment do I need?
The program has been designed to be completed with minimal to no equipment required. Almost all exercises are BODYWEIGHT only. However, there are a few exercises that require a resistance band. If you do not have access to this, a bodyweight alternative has been provided.
Can I do the program during my season?
Yes. Frequency and/or volume can be modified to accommodate to the demands in-season and to avoid excessive fatigue. Therefore, the program can be completed with 2 sessions per week, or total sets of each exercise may be reduced. Ultimately, the program has been designed in a way to not place excessive fatigue on youth athletes, so athletes are encouraged to customise their workouts to their individual circumstances and listening to their bodies.
How long are the sessions?
The sessions should approximately take 40-60 minutes. At first, this may be slightly longer as you may need to learn the exercise technique and watch the tutorial videos multiple times, however, as you become more familiar with them, the sessions should be pretty short, sharp and efficient.
Do the sessions need to be completed in a commercial gym?
No. The sessions can be completed at home in your garage, in the backyard, on a basketball court or possible in your bedroom (if you have enough space).